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This list of services we currently provide is in no way exhaustive. We can help you clarify your business needs and goals by taking on-going tasks or projects off your to-do list so you can focus on the big picture. We also have contacts for professional book-keepers and graphic designers to ensure your requirements are catered for.

Diary Management and Scheduling

With your diary linked with us, we can schedule appointments, meetings, pencil events, and cancel as required. This also includes arranging everything from travel, connections, accommodation, meetings, meals and entertainment. 

Marketing - Social Media, Newsletters and Blogging

Social media is such an important tool in every business. We can guide you through the multiple services and set objectives to ensure your online marketing turns into profit. We can help you set up accounts, write and schedule posts for you. If your finding you have no time to write Blogs, but understand the significance of the roll it plays in the image of your brand - we are here to write your thoughts, edit your words or find inspiration. We can monitor the mood of a post, article, blog and report back to you or respond to each comment on your hugely successful post. We tend to sway towards Mail-chimp when creating newsletters, however we are happy to learn and use your preferred templates. We can even research content if you need a different perspective.

Microsoft Office - Word, Excel and Powerpoint

We can produce or add a va-va-voom of professionalism to your reports and presentations. Even correcting the formatting can make all the difference. Menial jobs such as typing and data entry take time, and time as we all know is money, so leave this to us to sort so you have more time in your day.

Office Systems, Processes, Templates and Guides

It is crucial to ensure your business foundations, systems and processes are set in stone within your company, so as you grow, future employees can hit the ground running, so to speak. We can help you create, maintain or update these. We also offer an outside prospective of how systems may be improved or reorganised for future ease, particularly online filing. Following on from processes and systems, templates are an important tool in streamlining your business. To be professional they need to link well, and have uniformity. A guide or manual needs to be so precise anyone could follow it.

Databases, CRM and Email Management

Creating and maintaining a database is time consuming but worth it - we can help you set it up, update and maintain it. We can help with changing your whole booking system too. You can even delegate your CRM to us, and we will work in the background keeping it live and up-to-date. And if tackling your inbox feels like climbing a mountain? We can detox it, set up folders, and file everything away into an organised catalogue of fabulous order.

Background Research

Need new premises or want to organise an event, we can do any research for you and present findings. Our services can be tailored to suit - the list of possibilities is endless.

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