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Are you a future or past kind....

Some people are interested in the background, the past, the `how did you get to this point’ questions. Some people are only interested in the future. How we can benefit each other, how we can use motivation, hard work and a desire to succeed, to exceed all expectations.

I’m personally a future type of person, but for the individuals in the former camp, here is a little snippet about how I arrived at creating Task It.

I grew up on a farm in the deep South, went to a co-ed country school, had no idea what I wanted to be so ended up working through a Bachelor of Education. Dabbled in education, then left NZ to explore the world and experience all the exciting, thought provoking, immeasurable learning and discovering traveling offers. Throughout this time, I discovered the diversity of administration related employment. From recruitment, personal assistance, compliance, accounts, office management and case management, I did it all. For a short time, I stayed in London on a visitor’s visa. Unable to just relax and enjoy the moment of unemployment, I experimented with my first business venture. I squirreled away and set up `Party in a Box’– of course only got so far, you cannot be owning a business without a correct visa! By the time my visa situation had changed, I had a lot more research under my belt and found that it might not have been as sustainable as I had first envisioned.

Following my marriage, a few DIY house projects, children, and an international move, we arrived in Christchurch to once again work back in my favourite of all employment – personal assistance. My boss, unknown to her, became someone I respected and learnt more about business from. Then came the decision to either be a full-time stay at home mum, go back to working for my boss, who I admired and enjoyed, (but deal with the rushing, the sick days, the school holidays, and the worry of missing the children’s school events), or to become a virtual assistant. The decision was easy. The ability to work nights, or the opportunity to take an hour out to go to a school event, was a no brainer.

After all, isn’t the work/life balance what we are all trying to achieve. Less stress, higher levels of happiness, work fulfilment – the best of all worlds.

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