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The benefits of a Virtual Assistant

When listing benefits, there is usually bias involved - incredibly there is no need for that when listing the benefits of a Virtual Assistant - there are no downsides to compare!

  1. One cost. At Task It, we are contractors, therefore you do not need to deal with sick or holiday benefits, kiwi saver contributions, employee benefits, or even supplying the coffee, tea and cake (unless you want to). This is a huge money and time saver for the small business owner.

  2. Removing office costs, computers, printers, phones, stationary, software upgrades – the savings are adding up.

  3. Delegating tasks to your virtual assistant frees you up to grow your business. Fact.

  4. You only pay for time spent on your project or work tasks. It removes the pressure of hoping you have enough work to keep your employee busy for the hours they work.

  5. Work can, and will be completed outside normal business hours.

  6. Task It does not charge overtime.

  7. Agency recruitment fees are non-existent.

  8. We may have specific skills or be proficient at programmes you just don’t have time to learn.

  9. There is no need for an office if you don’t need one, we have our own.

  10. You are employing a business owner – we understand how important it is to be the best at the business. We want you to be so happy with our work, you tell everyone about us.

A virtual assistant works collaboratively with you to ensure your business is running efficiently and productively, while giving you the support to grow and run your business successfully. What are you waiting for...

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