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Health, Well-being and Perfect Balancing

I started this company with the ideology of the perfect balance. The perfect balance for my family life, the perfect balance for my mental stimulation and ability to contribute, the freedom and flexibility to support and improve small businesses unlike my own, and the perfect balance for everything else – I lump that all into one because it’s so broad.

I bring up health and well-being, because that is all part of the balance. Sometimes work and/or life can become too all-consuming, and it is important to stop and ask yourself those questions that help refocus the mind again, oh that, and get delegating right this minute! It’s the little moments that count, and being present to see them, because life is a one-way fast train, it’s not stopping because we weren’t paying attention. Equally though it’s important to put ourselves first and look after ourselves. Take time, do what works to create happiness. The perfect balance.

And as I sit here staring out at the pitch-black scenery, dotted with the occasional light, for the umpteenth night in a row, I smile. I smile because while it might be tough to get that balance perfect right now, and some days feels like I’m climbing an enormous hill rather than that gentle stroll I had in mind, it’s all so worth it. It’s so worth it to show myself and my family what I'm made of, that success is in the eye of the beholder, and that hard work feels damn satisfying. Although maybe I should practice what I preach and properly relax with a yoga sequence, cup of tea and an early night.

Over and out.

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