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It's Business Time

Efficiency. The poor old word, tired and worn-out from being a constant buzzword, competing with the likes of productivity and effectiveness, but yet just so needed and required in nearly every aspect of business. Here are some tips on how to develop efficiency within your business, and make that word stand up and be counted.


Schedule when you are going to make calls, check emails, have meetings and so on, and stick to it, within reason of course. This is the heart of being efficient. Maintaining the focus on one or two tasks at a time can help not only structure your day, but ensure you smoothly and productively move through your to-do list at a great pace.

Have a plan

Start the day with a plan, end the day with a plan for tomorrow. Have a short-term, mid-term and long-term plan. Make sure your plans are goal driven and if they aren’t, you may want to step back and realign and prioritise your tasks, to help progress towards achieving your goals.

Delegate the stuff that takes time or you don’t like so much

There is not much more inefficient than doing something you don’t like. You procrastinate, make excuses and generally have zero motivation to do it, so don’t, just delegate. The same rules apply if you stop and ask yourself if your time is being used wisely, and the answer is no. Time is money, and you need to be prioritising your time and energy into business growth.

Do what you do best

You are more productive when you like/love what you are doing. It’s human nature to push yourself to improve when you are feeling connected to your work. Plus, showing off your own fabulous work to potential clients is some wonderfully effective marketing.

Have healthy and workable systems and procedures

And if you don’t have them, make them a priority. There is nothing worse than trying to remember how to do something you only do once a year. Turn it into a procedure, then when you need to do it next year, it’s there waiting for you. No extra brain power required.

Look after yourself, be mindful of your health and well-being

This is so important, you can never give your best, your 110% if you are feeling anything less, it will show in your task efficiency, productivity and effectiveness (to name a few). Start your day with a mindful practice, and you will have a clearer, calmer prospective going forward.

At Task It, we are always here to help and offer ideas or just be a sound-board, so feel free to call us for a no obligation chat about your business needs today.

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