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It is amazing how much research and development can be accomplished on maternity leave... 


Task It was created at this time, observing a noticeable gap in the New Zealand market, in particular the small, high growth business. The one woman/man band who needs the support and expertise of a Personal Assistant to flourish, but without the stress and challenges of the many overheads of an employee.


Maybe they don't even know what they need...


Total Virtual Assistance Solutions for your business.

Outsourcing administration tasks to competent and productive Virtual Assistants who work on a    48-hour turnaround. Task It provides a range of tailored services to fit various budget and support requirements, whether it be research, marketing, general administration or anything in between - we can take care of it, which gives you more time to grow your business.


Our free `Getting to Know your Business' meeting, ensures we get a solid understanding of your business. This includes the values, atmosphere and the culture of the business. This is extremely important when working remotely, as the language used and the way interactions with clients happen, needs to be cohesive in our work for you too.  


These meetings also highlight the needs and requirements of the business. We can then go ahead and tick off those tasks, offer solutions to issues and bounce new ideas.


Unsure if you really need our services? Call us today and lets see. Any improvement in streamlining your business, freeing up your time by delegating administration tasks, or increasing interest in your business by promotion on social media, can only equate to an increase in profit - Task It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

In Task It we want to achieve the notion that one does not need to be present and counted in the office to be efficient and fabulous. With paperless offices, and the numerous apps available, a virtual assistant by your side is all you need to succeed.